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Grief Guidance and Wayfinding are like personal training for people who are functioning and living life, but want MORE _________ (insert your desire).


Wonder&Flow has been an extraordinary resource for guiding me through my grieving process and beyond. One thing I’ve learned since my brother died two years ago is how crucial it is to talk about the pain!
— Sarah, Queens, NY
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My Story

If you meet me you’d probably never believe my story. It’s the stuff Netflix original series are made of. I was an average 33 year old woman - married, two children, dog, solid job, living in the suburbs - checking boxes and doing the daily grind.

But I had secrets.

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individual sessions

From a complimentary discovery session for new clients to follow up sessions, individual sessions are perfect for trial and follow up.


If you're ready to commit to the grief guidance and wayfinding journey, packages save you money while ensuring you get the full support you need. 

speaking opportunities

Together we can inspire each other to bravely walk our grief journeys and in doing so unite the truth of our human experience. So let’s co-conspire!

MARCH 2018

When I first experienced Wonder&Flow it was like coming out of a movie on a sunny afternoon. All my senses were firing, I was relaxed and equally inspired. It felt like blossoming personified. The gray film of grief was finally lifted. It was a huge shift from active grieving and felt like flying.

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Melissa, Colorado

“Aimee and her Wonder&Flow community are a bright light for one who is suffering a devastating loss and is grieving. She brings grace and compassion to the challenging journey of life after loss which in our culture is too often glossed over and pushed aside. I look forward to continuing to follow Aimee and all she has to offer. She is truly a gift”



JD, North Carolina

“I had never felt shame of admitting fear, doubt, regret, or heart ache until I grew older. What I have most learned or rather been reminded of, is to not only to release that toxic energy and mourn those losses, but to also share with others in my process of healing and forgiveness. This has helped me to not only grow, but to enjoy wisdom. My hope is that you continue to share ideas and thoughts with others so that they too, can appreciate being Human.”



rebecca, texas

“Her speaking technique is genuine, authentic and transparent and she is so knowledgeable as a result of her personal experiences and professional research. Attending her talk was a perfect-timing moment. I spoke to her afterwards and told her this much and she hugged me and shared in my tears as I spoke about my mom's recent passing. It was a truly meaningful moment for me that lasted far after the conference as I was able to put many of the techniques she spoke about into my arsenal of self-care for everyday use.”