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My Offerings


are we a fit? Complimentary session

Don’t you ever want to feel your way into something? A complimentary session is the perfect time to decipher if we are right for one another. I want to talk to you before we agree to do this just as much as you want to talk to me. I believe connection is everything and a quick call to check each other out is the right next step. If we hit it off and just know that this is it, fabulous. If we realize that we’re not a match, that’s fabulous too because we both can move forward to whatever is next. I recommend all new clients start with a complimentary session before purchasing an offering. 


  • Discover if Grief Guidance / Wayfinding is right for you
  • 30 minute phone consult
  • FREE!

inDIVIDUAL sessions

Ideal for the person who wants to try out Grief Guidance & Wayfinding. This person may have a burning issue or question that needs some clarity or space to dissect. One session is a great way to determine if investing in more sessions is something of value.


  • 1 hour phone consult
  • $125

crunch sessions for current clients

These individual sessions are ideal for current clients who have completed as least one (1) or more regular sessions (60 min+). This person may have a quick follow-up need from a previous session or there may be thoughts or a situation causing discomfort that needs attention asap.


  • 30 minute phone consult
  • $55

session packages

When you are ready to commit the time and financial commitment for your healing, a session package is ideal. You not only save with a package discount, you also open yourself up to dig a little deeper with consistent sessions and you receive additional support such as email and text services. 


Let’s Do This - 4 Session Package (25% Discount) 

Ideal for the person who knows they want to jump in and get started. This person wants accountability and by paying and committing to four sessions, an investment in themself for healing and growth is planted.

(With the discount equals one FREE session)


  • 4 Individual Sessions - 1 hour each - via Phone or Zoom Video
  • 4 Email Sessions (will respond same day)
  • $375 (regularly $500)

Rooted Plunge - 8 Sessions Package (30% Discount) 

Ideal for the person who is committed to long-term healing and growth, who understands that deep change can require extended time. Carving out space to not only have the phone and email sessions, she/he understands it is just as important to create time to do the individual work outside the sessions. This package will assist in keeping the momentum moving and create the capacity to integrate lasting transformation.

(With the discount equals 2+ FREE sessions)


  • 8 Individual Sessions - 1 hour each - via Phone or Zoom Video
  • 8 Email Sessions (will respond same day)
  • Text Support
  • $700 (regularly $1,000)


Sometimes the written word is just perfect for learning style, time constraints and clarity. Email sessions are electronic correspondence back and forth similar to a phone session. It will begin with you sharing your need or area of interest and then I provide guidance, teaching and recommendations as appropriate. Additionally I'll provide practice(s) you can implement, reading materials and/or next steps depending upon the circumstances.

A complimentary phone session is helpful to kick this off, but not required. This series takes place across 4 consecutive weeks. All responses are same day unless client's email is received after normal business hours.


  • Complimentary kick-off phone session (optional)
  • 8 email session dates across 4 consecutive weeks
  • 2 emails per session - 1 from you and 1 my response
  • $185 (regularly $250)

Speaking & Special Events

I am a survivor and a storyteller who unveils the shame and secrecy around death and the grief journey. My raw truth, heart of hope and willingness to share my experiences encourages others to live triumphantly in spite of it all. 
Together we can inspire each other to bravely walk our grief journeys and in doing so unite the truth of our human experience. So let’s co-conspire! I am available for blog contributions, expert contribution to masterminds, panel discussions, roundtables, live or recorded video, conferences and intimate gatherings. Or whatever exciting plans you’re concocting.


  • Authentic Grief 
  • How to Support Grieving Children 
  • Surviving vs. Thriving
  • Self Care
  • Wayfinding
  • Love After Loss
  • And more


Scheduling and pricing available upon request.