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Let's be real...

We’re here because something isn’t working for you. You're READY for something different because settling for the state you’re living in is no longer worth the crumbs you’ve been existing on.

That's where grief guidance and wayfinding can help.

Grief guidance and wayfinding are like personal training for people who are functioning and living life, but want MORE _________ (insert your desire).



Let’s be real. We’re here at this point because something isn’t working for you.

You may feel: Sad, angry, unmotivated, absent, tired, useless, lost, hopeless, drab, hysterical, pessimistic, bitter, melancholy, delirious, frantic, nutty, irrational, disoriented, ludicrous, absurd, dull, lacking, invisible, old ---- YOU NAME IT. You don’t want to feel this way any longer.

Whether you feel that way because you lost a loved one, your marriage is ending, your career is sucking, your spark is dimming, your relationships are strained, you don’t know what you want, the rat race is killing your soul, your secret dream is whirling inside you, you want a simpler life, you want to make big moves...whatever it is...you’re READY for something different.

Making a change is required because settling for the state you’re living in is no longer worth the crumbs you’ve been existing on.  

Grief Guidance and Wayfinding is like personal training for people who are functioning and living life, but want MORE _________ (insert your desire). So let’s get specific about what Grief Guidance and Wayfinding looks like in practice. The following are examples, however, there's always more to it.

Grief Guidance is for any kind of grief. It does not solely mean the loss of a loved one. It could mean the loss of a relationship, job, dream or sense of self. Grief Guidance supports people as they move through their personal grief journey. Grief can be very lonely and isolating. Having a Grief Guide as part of your support system strengthens your foundation for healing.

When people are actively grieving it can be hard to function at a high level. And as grievers we know that life does not stop just because we’re grieving. Grief Guidance can provide a sacred space where you can lay it all down and focus on you. Whether that may be learning self-care practices, processing painful events, or creating strategies for coping, Grief Guidance can arm you with the tools to get back to optimal living.

When we are grieving we get stuck in our heads. We may be retelling stories, reliving events, or running down a long list of should’ve, could’ve, would’ve. Getting out of that head space and identifying thought stories, as well as sorting through complicated grief can deliver immense freedom, as well as reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. Grief Guidance can help you identify limiting beliefs and stories that keep you stuck in grief. Examining what our inner dialogue says is powerful and learning to live beyond our thoughts is freeing.

And as you grieve there may come a time when you’re ready to forgive, let go or move forward, but you’re afraid it may mean you are leaving your loved one, dream or sense of self behind. Grief Guidance can help shepherd you through The Change-Cycle Model and provide tools for healing, growth and expansion.

If you are grieving a loss, there is a chance you have children in your life who are grieving as well. When you’re grieving it can be challenging enough to clothe and feed yourself. Imagine how children, teens and young adults manage the influx of emotions they’re experiencing. And they’re working with not yet fully developed brains and emotional centers. Grief Guidance can provide the support you need to love, support and honor children’s grief as well as your own.

In addition to my own experience with grief and thousands of hours of grief work & recovery, I am also a Martha Beck Trained Life Coach. Better yet, a Wayfinder, which means I have life experience, practical tools and an understanding of the science behind BIG life changes. As Dr. Martha Beck says, “It’s part science, part magic.” I believe in both.

Wayfinding is life coaching or personal training for your heart and soul. Wayfinding is for people who want to function or live at an optimal level. When a person is ready to live up a level, they are open to learning a new way of living. Together we will examine what’s not working in your life and why. We will talk about the essential self vs. the social self and how getting in touch with the essential self is imperative for taking things to the next level.

I believe cultivating awareness is the greatest gift we can give ourselves (and everyone around us). Wayfinding will provide the opportunity to learn simple techniques to develop your awareness. This will serve as a solid foundation for all you do in our work together and in your life in the world.

We will work through The Change-Cycle Model created by Dr. Martha Beck and identify where you are in the Cycle. Learning to be “in your body” is vital to understanding that our natural first response to any situation lives within us. Understanding your own baseline of how your body responds to positive and negative events, people, thoughts, etc. is a beneficial tool. And one which can become your navigation system for decision making.

Wayfinding can you help you bust through roadblocks in your life. I will introduce you to The Work by Byron Katie. This is life changing stuff I tell you! Together we will identify thoughts and limiting beliefs. Guiding you as you dissolve thoughts creates profound healing, space and clarity. You will have an opportunity to question your thoughts rather than blindly believe them as they swirl at a rapid pace. Naming those thought stories you have seared into your mind using the theory of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), is another tool for working with limiting beliefs and clearing out the clutter in your mind. By doing so you develop more compassion for yourself, increase productivity and move towards your goals.

Exploring yourself, your dreams, your future are some of the most exhilarating parts of Wayfinding. Dreaming and scheming are an important part of bringing your next level life into reality. Whether you know in your gut what you want or you just know there’s a nudge for something more, together we can dig deep and uncover your desires and dreams. Wayfinding includes magical tools like dream analysis, metaphor work, ideal day fantasy, exploring your Wildly Improbable Goals or WIGS as Dr. Martha Beck lovingly coined and more.

As we work together you’ll discover your own way forward - what you need, what you want and how you move authentically towards Wonder&Flow in your own life. I will provide the guidance, experience, space and compassion to help you along the way.

Are you ready for Wonder&Flow in your life?