Guiding Principles

I share my Guiding Principles with you because I believe it is important that we have a mutual understanding. What makes my ability to serve individuals unique is that I’ve been to the darkest places imaginable, yet I’ve emerged triumphant and deeply changed. And as a result of my experience I am able to create space for others as they move through their darkest hour. It’s about experience, respect and holding space for moments so tender they are sacred.

All loss and catastrophic events are unique and carry equal weight in the realm of grief.

Until you’ve experienced a loss or a catastrophic event, you cannot fully understand the grief journey.

Even when you have experienced loss or a catastrophic event, you do not and will not ever fully understand what another person’s grief journey is like.

Through our loss or catastrophic event we can connect with others for support, comfort and guidance as a result of our collective experiences.


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