What is Wonder&Flow?

Doesn’t Wonder&Flow sound dreamy? I strive to live it in my life every day. It’s how all of this (arms wide - waving around) got started. But I understand that it can sound a little bit woo without the full story.

When I recognized the healing in my life and I accepted that my late husband’s death was MY own awakening, the Wonder&Flow concept was born. To live in Wonder&Flow means:

To exist in the present moment...

[1] And to NOTICE the beauty all around you just as it is (not the cliche of stopping to smell the roses, although that is lovely). I’m talking about the gorgeousness + magic in our humanity, in nature and in all the other little intricacies known and unknown that make our experience on Earth what it is. (That’s Wonder!)

[2] And MOVE forward in alignment and peace with your purpose while honoring the beauty as life unfolds around you. (That is Flow.)

When I first experienced Wonder&Flow it was like coming out of a movie on a sunny afternoon. All my senses were firing, I was relaxed and equally inspired. It felt like blossoming personified. The gray film of grief was finally lifted. It was a huge shift from active grieving and felt like flying.

As I progressed in my own grief journey, I learned that Wonder&Flow are not constant. I couldn’t stay in “it” forever. As time goes by grief rises again in its typical fashion clouding out Wonder&Flow.

For me, at some point, I realize the dip out of Wonder&Flow and that my grief is active again. So first things, first. I recognize it as soon as I can and I acknowledge where I am. I used to have a really hard time with this. It was like I failed or something. It has taken a lot of trial and error and awareness to get to a point where I have compassion for myself when the tides turn and grief returns to me.

Once the acknowledgement is made, I ride that low tide of grief until I can gently float back into gratitude and into Wonder&Flow. This may require some journaling, talking with my partner or getting myself coached. Honoring the grief, I believe is like burning off the fiery layers deep within. Instead of getting upset with myself that I am not farther along or grief free, I now see it as another step in my healing process. For heaven’s sake, I just BURNED off a layer of grief so deep I didn’t even know it was there. That is kind of amazing. And necessary.


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