November 9, 2017

Dear Wonder&Flow(ers):

I tell you, this journey has been epic and I have only hit the mid-point (hoping I have more time on the back end than the first 40 years I've put in so far). What is unfolding is such a beautiful testament to how we can take the darkest madness and turn it into something beautiful beyond measure. So what's happening, you're wondering? Let me tell YOU!

I share a few of my milestones with you as a way to provide evidence that life after loss does not mean your life is over. Oh, quite the contrary. Yah, grief took me down for a good while, but I am here, blazing with a desire and lust to live life WILD. What does that mean? Well, for starters nothing is impossible. I don't let the "shoulds" and "this is the way things are/have always been" rule my life. This is my ONE life. I am focused on how I want to FEEL rather than what I can get (material or otherwise). So what I consistently ask myself is - How do I want to feel? (I have to give credit to Danielle LaPorte for this mind shift.)

  • ​Expansive
  • Peaceful
  • Joyful
  • Powerful (not in the typical societal way we think about power, but in a deep seated all powerful way because I do the work, I make the choices and I go where I want to go~~kinda way)
  • Loved
  • Loving

​These are just a snapshot of the feelings I want to feel...there are many, many more on my list. The feeling state is what drives me and in turn, the outer components in my life fall into alignment. Does that make sense? Let me give you an example. 

I want to feel joyful. I don't go buy some thing hoping it will give me the joy I desire. I know for me, something as simple as picking up my daughter from school and really being present for her story about her day brings me joy. To fully see her and soak in her expressions. To offer guidance if she is lacks direction. To sit and have a snack together at the kitchen table while she tells me all the details of what's happening in her world. Those moments and that connection bring me joy. True joy


If you know me or have read my story, you know I am a survivor and a storyteller. I want to remove the veil of shame and secrecy around death and the grief journey. My raw truth, heart of hope and willingness to share my experience are the forces working within me encouraging others to live triumphantly in spite of it all. 

Together we can inspire each other to bravely walk our grief journeys (for real, no hiding) and in doing so unite the truth of our human experience. 


It wasn't until halfway through The Martha Beck Life Coach Training that I woke up again. (My husband's death was my original awakening.) I realized I was trying to create a life coaching practice, but I was purposefully leaving my own original medicine out of the equation. If you're wondering what original medicine is, it is basically the gifts that you and only you have to offer the world. In the deep part of my brain, I think the thought was something like ~~~ that's so behind me. Oh, dear child that's laughable. (REMINDER: Grief never goes evolves, but more on that later.) 

So days, then weeks went by where I felt lost. Trudging through thick mud with fog all around. What I realized through some intense time alone, long walks and talks with my beloved and dear friend...

I am a life coach and grief guide with the sole focus of helping people after loss or a catastrophic event find healing and a new way forward. 

My next thought......Oh shit, this is big stuff. So, after that pause to compose myself, here we are.


I am elated and honored to share with you that I will launch Wonder&Flow Life Coaching and Grief Guidance in 2018. There are so many beautiful things coming together as a result of saying YES to what is unfolding. Some things to look forward to include:

  • A new website
  • Individual Life Coaching and Grief Guidance Sessions 
  • Healing Mastermind Small Group
  • Small Group Healing Day Retreat
  • Resources: For those of you grieving, for parents, family, teachers, counselors and anyone who cares for someone who is grieving
  • The Facebook Community we've grown together will continue with more consistency + diversity (think: videos, photos, stories, inspiration and more)
  • Books (Yes, that's plural! I cannot wait to share all that is coming together!)


Thank you for witnessing my journey and for being part of this community so that we can change how we live with grief. Thank you for showing up and when you feel called to, engaging with me (on or offline). Thank you for sharing Wonder&Flow with the people you know and love. Thank you for what you are doing to spread awareness about the grief journey and that it's ok to NOT be ok. And thank you for hanging on if you yourself are in the deep, grief swirling around you. There is more and life can be more than the darkness you feel right now.


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I cannot wait to see what 2018 brings.

With gratitude & a full heart,